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Consumer Affairs Unit Consumer Affairs Unit (under the aegis of Ministry of Commerce and Consumer Protection)

About the CAU

  About the Consumer Affairs Unit

The Consumer Affairs Unit is a specialized unit within the Ministry of Commerce and Consumer Protection, which caters, as its name suggests, for the protection of consumers in general.


The CAU is situated at Atchia Building, Suffren Street, Port Louis.
pointcli.gif Contact Us​
Telephone (230) 2068070 Fax (230) 2113010
Email address:
Hotline: 185​
pointcli.gif Responsibility​​
The CAU has the responsibility of enforcing the various consumer legislations and of providing overall consumer satisfaction and security.
pointcli.gif  Objectives    
  The main objectives of the CAU are as follows:    
To protect consumers through enforcement of laws    
  orange_arrow.gif To educate consumers of their rights and responsibilities    

To settle disputes between traders and consumers by mutual agreement or in case of deadlock through a court of justice
  orange_arrow.gif To update existing laws to meet the new challenges ahead    
pointcli.gif Activities    
  Towards the fulfillment of these objectives, the CAU has the following main areas of activities:
Consumer education through direct contacts with local people and with the media
Handling of complaints reported by consumers
Ensuring that traders are complying with consumer legislations
Monitoring of prices of non controlled commodities
Conducting surveys and collecting data on the costing, stock, supply and distribution of both controlled and non controlled goods and making the appropriate recommendations
Conducting enquiries on consumer trade practices
Preparing case files for prosecution and deponing as witness in courts
Liaising with consumer organizations, other NGO’s and government organizations
Preparing simple information pamphlets to disseminate information to the general public
Collecting samples of steel bars, firecrackers, electric cables for submission to the Mauritius Standard Bureau for testing
Checking trade premises
Collecting documents from traders regarding return of costs in respect of commodities under the Mark Up system
Safeguarding of exhibits in connection with contraventions established
Keeping records of checks effected and contraventions established
Keeping records of registration cards issued to vegetable/fruit sellers
Receiving and processing applications for the registration of warehouses
Statistics Year 2010 - Year 2012

Year 2010 Year 2011 Year 2012
No. of control checks at trade premises 2746​ 6258​ 7612​
No. of complaints received 1640​ 2699​ 4024​
No. of talks delivered 90​ 121​ 107​
No. of contravention established 211​ 297​ 573​
pointcli.gif Strategy                    ​                                                                                                                                 
orange_arrow.gif Formulate policies and programmes and strengthen mechanisms for the development of a
consumer policy including consumer protection and product safety
orange_arrow.gif provision of appropriate, accurate and accessible information, eductaion and advice for consumers and businesses on consumer laws and issues
orange_arrow.gif Protection of consumers through awareness campaigns on their rights and responsibilities
orange_arrow.gif investigation of unsafe consumer products
orange_arrow.gif administration of a range of consumer legislation
orange_arrow.gif conduct surveys and other research in the field of consumer affairs 
orange_arrow.gif enforcement of the Consumer Protection Act and other legislations concerning customers
pointcli.gif Services             ​                                                                                                 

 orange_arrow.gif Enforcing Consumer Legislations

orange_arrow.gif Attending Complaints from Consumers

orange_arrow.gif Educating Consumers

Programme based budget  2013-2015