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Consumer Affairs Unit Consumer Affairs Unit (under the aegis of Ministry of Commerce and Consumer Protection)
Consumer Affairs Unit>Tips to Consumers

Tips to Consumers

Tips to Consumers
Check correct prices
pointcli.gif  Check date of expiry on articles bought especially perishable ones
pointcli.gif  Check country of origin  
pointcli.gif  Ensure that labels bearing ‘date of expiry” and the ‘country of origin’ are not tampered with  
pointcli.gif  Check ingredients and other information on pre packaged food  
pointcli.gif  Check weight and scale    
pointcli.gif  Check your bill before going    
pointcli.gif  Ensure that you get the correct change before leaving trader’s premises
pointcli.gif  Make a proper shopping list
pointcli.gif  Check contract of Credit sale/Hire Purchase Agreement and ensure that you get a copy thereof
pointcli.gif Ensure that you get certificate of guarantee and check the conditions thereof
pointcli.gif Take your time and never hurry    
pointcli.gif Try shopping at off peak hours    
pointcli.gif Compare prices and quality    
pointcli.gif Beware of dented and or rusted tins    
pointcli.gif Inspect the goods, do not hesitate to ask for any explanation    
pointcli.gif Clear all doubts before buying    
pointcli.gif Ask for a demonstration in case of electric/electronic goods    
pointcli.gif Ask for a receipt in respect of any payment effected    
pointcli.gif Keep all receipts for future references    
  The above tips are meant for information purposes and you are advised to consult the relevant general Notices for legal provisions